What eSports Joining the 2022 Asian Games Means for Bettors
Men have competed against each other on the battle field, in the colosseum and on the football pitch. Now man takes on competition in the world of professional video gaming. That’s right, gone are the days of playing virtual games for pastime, it’s now a professional and much-respected sport. You’re probably wondering why you’ve been wasting your life with a sensible career path rather than being paid to play video games...


We’ve seen the rise of eSports Gaming ever since it hit the betting market a few years back. eSports competitions have been around for decades but now punters are placing bets on eSport events. eSport tournaments have gained a lot of attention, so much in fact that there’s talk of it turning into a professional sport where gamers can win gold medals. No kidding.

eSports Awarded Spot in 2022 Asian Games


The Olympic Council of Asia recently announced that eSports will be included as an official competition in the 2022 Asian Games, hosted in Hangzhou, China. There’s a huge gaming presence in Asia so it’s no surprise to see its inclusion and it will no doubt be a very popular event. The official inclusion will come after the eSport gaming events set to be held at the upcoming Asian Games and other smaller sport competitions.


Gamers will be playing their favourite video games such as FIFA, Call of Duty and many other popular titles against the best in the world. There will of course, be Multiplayer Online Battle Arena games involved and real time attack games such as the hugely popular League of Legends and Starcraft II. This will mean the Olympic Council of Asia will have to strike a deal with the game providers. Video gamers could soon be Olympic athletes.

How Does eSport Gaming Work?


Depending on the game that’s being played, it can be a one-on-one event or team vs team competition. It’s very similar to all other sport organisations like the NFL or the NBA, in that gaming teams have managers, wear matching kits and train together to improve their team work and ability.


With so much money being invested into this sport, the top gamers are getting paid millions in prize money and some are even signing very lucrative sponsorship deals. We can expect the rising stars of eGaming to be the famous faces of the future.

What This Means for eSports Betting


The eSports betting market has been growing year-on-year with more bettors getting involved in the eSports betting action. It’s a long way off becoming a top betting market for sports but many expect it to grow to be one of the most popular sport markets alongside the likes of football. Most established sport betting companies already offer eSports betting.


Five years ago, only those who were involved with eSports gaming would be placing bets, now a spike in interest has seen those who are not keen gamers themselves placing wagers on the sport. With more sponsorship, investment and support, the world of eSport gaming has rocketed.


It’s taken decades for us to accept eSport gaming as a sport, with many still against the idea of gamers being classed in the same category as real life athletes and not virtual ones. Online gamers are certainly not known for they physical presence.


However, even established real life sport stars are jumping on board as they can see the financial benefit to this growing sport. Technology is rapidly advancing every year, which will surely mean more sport will be played in a virtual world.

Where Can You Bet on eSports Online?


With gamers going head-to-head to battle against each other on virtual turf in a fierce competition, gambling companies are seeing the potential and opening more betting markets for this sport. Gaming operators are embracing the following it brings with it too.


Some of the biggest betting companies in the world are offering betting opportunities to players, including the likes of William Hill Sports. William Hill was one of the first gaming operators to expand into the market and other online betting operators have followed suit, including Betway, 888, Betfair, and LeoVegas, to name a few.


These competing brands are finding new ways to attract eSports punters by offering new betting markets. eSports betting is not just for those big competitions anymore, now bettors can place bets on the everyday FIFA match.


This is a ploy to attract those punters who are not aware of the virtual battlefield that only avid eSport gamers would be familiar with; your everyday sports fan will likely know and play the FIFA game, jumping at the chance to put money it.

eSports Will Soon be Viewed on TV


Big brands are cashing in on this growing market. with top TV stations snapping up eSport events. ESPN was the first station to air a live eSport event in 2015, further cementing eSports' bid to be placed among the most popular sports in the world.


The attention isn’t just coming from TV stations either, as other well-known brands are milking this cash cow. Even soft drink giants Pepsi and Dr Pepper have signed lucrative sponsorship deals with eSport players and teams. With this rise looking set to continue, who knows what's next? To join in the excitment of betting eSports, head over to William Hill Sports today!


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