Most popular online casino games
Most popular online casino games
Since the late 1990s, the online casino industry is one that has grown in almost all areas on a year on year basis. From the actual amount of companies that offer online casino games, through to the turnover of the whole industry, the online casino world is fantastic one to be apart of, whether as a gambler or a business.

Whilst online casinos once only offered a handful of games, it is now possible to find almost all types of casino games online. Although there are hundreds of games and variations available, the following four casino games are seen as those that are played most commonly online.


Texas Hold Em

The most popular variation of poker in the modern day gambling industry, Texas Hold Em is the staple game of most professional poker players lives.

Starting as a more advanced game to the popular seven card stud, Texas Hold Em first became popular throughout the 1950s when it was featured in many casinos throughout the state of Las Vegas. However, when the first World Series of Poker tournament took place in 1970 and Texas Hold Em was the primary game, its popularity took off and it flourished into a game that was to be played in all casinos around the globe.

The primary reason for Texas Hold Ems popularity is often regarded as being its game play. As the game requires a lot of knowledge and skill, the game is not solely a game of chance and therefore a more intense game play is apparent.



A simple game of attempting to have a hand value of 21, it is surprising to know, considering the popularity of the game today, that blackjack was once almost disregarded as a casino game.

When it was first introduced to casinos, many people did not like the simplicity or the basic principles of the game and were reluctant to play. As a last resort to entice players in, casinos began introducing extra payouts on the players initial bet if certain criteria were met, the most notable of which being for the player to have a black jack and an ace, resulting in a perfect 21 and coined the name of the game for the future.



The most important point to remember about roulette is that is completely a game of luck. There are several methods available based on probability that insist that the roulette system can be beat but none of them are completely accurate and possible and never will be, as roulette is a 100% game of chance.

Once this has been understood, the popularity of it can be realised. By placing a bet on a certain number or colour, with more advanced options available, the player waits for the roulette wheel to be spun and the ball to land on a specific number, with pay outs depending on the outcome and the what player bet on initially.

Similar in game play to Lotto or Keno, Roulette can be an extremely exhilarating and social game to play.



Ppopular among the tourists at offline casinos, slots are one of the most popular online casino games currently available. Due to their simplicity but high pay outs, playing slots can offer some great and easy gambling time for anyone.

There are hundreds of different variations of slots available online and most online casinos have their own selection. Although payouts are generally respectable, some are astronomical, with several media outlets reporting occasional wins of over 1,000,000 dollars

The great thing about the top casino games list is that there is something for everyone. Everyone has played one of these online casino games at least once. Whether it is online casino Roulette or poker, these casino games are the draw to casinos.


Online casino games
There are also a number of different types of game engine. Flash games can be played on any computer, but have a number of limitations and some fairly primitive graphics. Downloaded casino software is usually dedicated to a particular online casino, but it'll give you a lot more out of your game, and will allow you to feel like you're really there. It's probably the best choice for the dedicated player.


So what makes the best online casino games?

The truth is that it depends on the person. Some people want the best odds of winning with no worry about losing. Others are looking for a game where the other players are serious about the game and really know what they're doing. Ask yourself what you're looking for in online gaming when you go looking for the right rooms for you. Online poker is one of the most popular types of games, but other people enjoy blackjack, roulette, and other games both on and offline. It really all comes down to personal preference.