All you must know about Roulette!
No matter which casino you visit, in any part of the world, you are sure to come across an area that is surrounded by extremely excited and active people. This is where the roulette table is located. In fact, if you even mention the word gambling, the first game most people can think of is roulette. Let us get to learn about this exciting fun game in details.


The Origins or History of Roulette


Just like many other games, there are various theories surrounding the origin of the popular game of roulette. As per the most popular belief, roulette appeared first in the 17th century and was created by a French philosopher and mathematician Blaise Pascal during his monastic retreat. It is said that he invented the game accidentally while actually trying to invent the perpetual motion machine.


The second theory suggests that it was invented by some French monk just to ease the monotony of a monastery life.


According to the third theory Roulette was discovered by some French Dominican monks, with its base being an old Tibetan game wherein 37 animal statuettes were supposed to be arranged in a square of the number 666. The monks, it is believed, replaced the 37 statuettes with the number 0 to 36 and arranged them just randomly around a revolving wheel’s rim.


Amongst these theories, the third does not have much evidence, and the common theme is that Roulette was invented in France in a monastery, but it its inventor was Blaise Pascal or no is still a topic of debate.


How to Play the Game


It is very easy to place your bet – you need to place your chips on any number(s), sets, or color you desire. You need not necessarily place only one bet for a spin, and in fact, you can place quite a few bets, and if the ball lands on your chosen bet, you win. You can even place the bets on numbers that have been covered by another bet already (like a line bet). For instance, if you if you place your bet on number 9 and also place a bet on line 7 – 12, and the winning number is 9, then you are a winner of both these bets. But, if the winning number is 10 then you win the line bet but lose what you had staked on number 9.


You may even keep betting until the ball is spinning. However, when the ball is ready to settle the dealer will not allow any further bets. Once the ball settles on a slot, the dealer will announce the color and the number and will mark the winning number on the layout. After this, the dealer will make the payouts by placing the winning chips right next to the original bets. The marker will be removed once the dealer has completed stacking up the winning chips. If you have won, you must go to collect your winning amount only after the marker has been removed.


Roulette Variations


Though the game has similar standard rules, there are a few variations of the game, as follows:


1. European Roulette – This is the most popular version, in which the house has 2.63% edge. It has 37 numbers and one “0”.

2.French Roulette – A great thing about this system is that it follows the La Partage rule in which players get half the money back that they bet on 0, even if they lose. As the house edge is lowered to 1.32% in this game, usually French roulette is not offered everywhere.

3. American Roulette – this is a very common form throughout the United States, and is quite like the European one but has an extra number on its wheel, which is 00. This, however, gives the casino a big edge of 5.26%.


Helpful roulette Strategies

  • To optimize your winnings the best way is to find a roulette table which offers variations in your favor. Some such variations are surrender rule, “en prison” rule, and the single zero wheels. These variations can greatly help reduce the house edge.

  • The next tip is to find a strategy that you are comfortable with. Also, you must know when to quit. For this, you need to know how much you are ready to lose even before you begin playing.

  • Experimenting with other people’s strategies is not at all a bad idea, but no strategy will help you win every time. If a certain strategy is only making you lose, try creating your own.

  • here is no way you can keep on winning consistently at roulette, so if any system claims they can help you do so, do not believe them.

  • Last but not the least, remember that the house always has a significant advantage, so the longer you keep playing, the brighter the chance of landing up in a negative.


Roulette is indeed a great fun game, so do try your luck playing it. If you win, great, but even if you do not, you surely will have a good time, provided you limit the amount you invest on playing it.